Amber helps protect people form negativity and has good positive feel to hold in your hand.

Amber Gemstones soothe nervousness, stress, and frustration. It also lessens despair and boost up intelligibility of mind. This is considered a high-quality gemstone for somebody who is brokenhearted and depressed but needs to have significant decisions.

It makes an individual’s endocrine and digestive systems are going to function well. It can also relieve diseases such as goiter, disorder in the kidney, bladder, and throat. Amber wearers consider this ore and keep temperate an individual’s heart. Additionally, it can protect the mind and body from flu and colds, as it is a vibrant and inimitable gemstone.

The number of bubbles effects the light transmission inside these gems. Bubbles can make the colours seem lighter or darker.

The bubbles are natural gas bubble inclusions trapped while the resin is flowing.The more bubbles generally mean the amber colour is lighter yellow.

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