Amber helps protect people form negativity and has good positive feel to hold in your hand.

Amber Gemstones soothe nervousness, stress, and frustration. It also lessens despair and boost up intelligibility of mind. This is considered a high-quality gemstone for somebody who is brokenhearted and depressed but needs to have significant decisions.

It makes an individual’s endocrine and digestive systems are going to function well. It can also relieve diseases such as goiter, disorder in the kidney, bladder, and throat. Amber wearers consider this ore and keep temperate an individual’s heart. Additionally, it can protect the mind and body from flu and colds, as it is a vibrant and inimitable gemstone.

The number of bubbles effects the light transmission inside these gems. Bubbles can make the colours seem lighter or darker.

The bubbles are natural gas bubble inclusions trapped while the resin is flowing.The more bubbles generally mean the amber colour is lighter yellow.

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1 x GD005 Round 0.31ct 4.1x2.5mm Horesetail Signature Green Color Natural Demantoid Garnet1 x RS195 Round Cabochon 6.30ct 10x5.25mm Unheated Untreated Natural Pinkish Red Star Ruby, India1 x RB014 Oval 0.43Ct 4.5x4mm Unheated Untreated Intense Pinkish Red RUBY, Mozambique1 x MS105 Oval Cabochon 7.25ct 14x10mm Unheated Natural Moonstone With Blue Flash India1 x GD104 Lot 4 Pcs Natural Oval Red Spark green Andradite demantoid Garnet 1.4Tcw1 x YZ791 Oval 2.63ct 10x8.2mm Natural Padparadscha Color Tourmaline, Good Luster1 x AXD003 Lot 2.08tcw Round & Oval Cabochon Natural Green Sharp Cat's Eye ALEXANDRITE1 x CS101 Oval Cabochon 41.50ct 26x35x5mm Untreated Natural Malachite Crysocolla, Africa1 x AXD007 Lot 2.8-3.3mm Round Cabochon Natural Green Sharp Cat's Eye Alexandrite 2.04Ct1 x JP118 Oval Cabochon 65ct 18x48mm Natural Untreated Marium Jasper1 x SS105 Oval Cabochon 4.90ct 10.5x8x5.5mm Natural Unheated Light Blue 6 Rays Star Sapphire, Ceylon Srilanka1 x LM116 Cabochon 19.84ct 22x18x6mm Natural Unheated Larimar, Dominican Republic1 x SC101 Cabochon 10Ct 19x5.5mm Peruvian Emeraldine GEM SILICA CHRYSOCOLLA Peru, Natural Color1 x GD095 Round 0.33ct 4.0x2.8mm Horesetail Signature Green Color Natural Demantoid Garnet1 x CB106 Oval 1.20ct 5.5x4.5x4.5mm Natural Light Yellowish Green Cat's Eye Chrysoberyl1 x CS196 Cushion Cabochon 33ct 21x32x5mm Natural Unheated Crysocolla, Africa1 x HY992 Unheated Untreated 1.54ct Oval Natural Claret Red Ruby1 x LM110 Cabochon 21.26ct 21x17x7mm Natural Unheated Larimar, Dominican Republic