Ametrine is part of the Quartz family, it is a very hard a durable gemstone that is suitable for daily wearing.

Caring for Ametrine

When caring for Ametrine all that is needed is a clean with some warm soapy water. If it is in a piece of jewelery, using an ultrasonic cleaning machine will not damage the stone at all. Steam cleaners are generally not recommended for any gemstone since stones do not like to be heated and then cooled rapidly.

Ametrine is typically found as a rectangle shaped stone with the colors splitting the stone in half. Occasionally it can be found as carvings and even cabochons. Experienced gemstone cutters have tried to experiment with cuts that mix the colors together creating a soft peach color.

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1 x AP186 Oval Cabochon 4.29ct 10x8x6mm Natural Unheated Green Apatite Cat's Eye1 x AP183 Round 2.37ct 7x4.2mm Natural Unheated Paraiba Blue Apatite, Tanzania1 x AE199 VS Octagon 3.79ct 9.7x8.2mm Natural Unheated Bi Color Ametrine Bolivia1 x AP188 Oval Cabochon 2.44ct 8.5x6.3x5mm Natural Unheated Yellowish Green Apatite Cat's Eye1 x AP185 Round 1.01ct 6.4x4mm Natural Unheated Paraiba Blue Apatite, Tanzania1 x AE010 Clean Antique Facet 7.20 ct Natural Unheated Bi Color AMETRINE Bolivia1 x AP193 Oval Cabochon 4.10ct 9.4x8.7mm Natural Green Cat's Eye Apatite Madagaskar1 x CE099 Oval Cabochon 3.19ct 9x6.7mm Natural Yellowish Green APATITE Cat's Eye1 x AP097 Octagon 1.32ct 5.6x7.9mm Natural Unheated Blue APATITE Madagaskar1 x AP119 Oval Cabochon 15.5x10.5mm 11.47ct Natural Yellowish Green Sharp Cat's Eye Apatite1 x AE300 Clean Oval Cut 7.33ct 14.5x12mm Natural Bi-Color AMETRINE Bolivia1 x AE011 VVS Round 11.5mm 6.36ct Purple Golden yellow Natural Unheated Citrine Bolivia1 x CE097 Oval Cabochon 2.19ct 7.8x7.3mm Natural Yellowish Green Cat's Eye Apatite1 x AP007 Octagon 1.05ct 7.83x4.9mm Natural Unheated Green APATITE Madagaskar1 x AE093 Clean Pear 6.20 Ct Natural Unheated Purple Golden yellow Ametrine Bolivia1 x AP180 Oval 1.32ct 7.5x6x4mm Natural Unheated Paraiba Blue Apatite, Tanzania1 x AP175 Oval 0.88ct 6.5x5.3x3.8mm Natural Unheated Paraiba-Color Neon Green Apatite, Brazil1 x CE098 Oval Cabochon 2.34ct 8x6.5mm Natural Yellowish Green APATITE Cat's Eye1 x AP171 Oval Cabochon 4.06ct 9.3x8.5x6.0mm Natural Yellowish Green Sharp Cat's Eye Apatite, Africa1 x AE118 VVS Heart 8.95ct 15X13mm Unheated Natural Purple Yellow Ametrine Bolivia1 x AP101 Round 0.70ct 5.2mm Natural Neon Blue (Paraiba-Color) APATITE Good Luster1 x AE119 Pear Facet 6.44ct 15.8x11x7.2mm Natural Unheated Ametrine, Bolivia