It is widely believed that Apatite gemstones have a variety of different incredible benefits that can help you with both your mental and your physical health. 

One of these benefits is that this gemstone has been linked to facilitating one’s religious enlightenment as well as helping a person grow their supernatural 

It can also help you with logical travel and dreaming. Apatite has been linked to helping people become a more compassionate version of themselves. There is also the belief that this specific gemstone can help you believe in yourself for who you really are and to help better perceive your reality.

Apatite Crystal Healing Properties
Apatite is said to have a vibration inside of it that aids in suppressing enthusiasm. Another benefit is that Apatite can help a person who may be holding onto some type of guilt that they cannot shake.

Some have also found that this gemstone has the ability to increase your self-confidence and make your spirits stronger. Apatite will allow a person to remove those past memories that cause misery in life. The final benefit to your mentality is that it can help with the etheric leakages from inside of your awareness.

There are also some benefits to a person’s physical well-being as well. You may find that having this gemstone on you will assist in your battle with weight loss. The reason for this is because can increase your rate of metabolism. In addition to this incredible benefit, it is also able to offer healing benefits for your body. Apatite offers healing benefits to a person’s organs as well as their glands.

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1 x AP117 Cushion 1.38ct 6.5mm Natural Unheated Paraiba-Color Neon Blue Apatite Brazil1 x AP107 Cushion Cut 1.71ct 7.7x6.3mm Natural Paraiba Neon Green Apatite1 x AP103 Oval 8.5x6.2mm 2.07ct Natural Untreated Paraiba-Color Neon Blue Apatite, Brazil1 x AP006 Oval 2.07ct 8.5x6.8mm Natural Paraiba Neon Blue APATITE Brazil Flashing Full Fire1 x AP097 Octagon 1.32ct 5.6x7.9mm Natural Unheated Blue APATITE Madagaskar1 x AP111 Round 7.8x7.7mm 2.08ct Natural Unheated Untreated Paraiba Blue Apatite Brazil1 x AP101 Round 0.70ct 5.2mm Natural Neon Blue (Paraiba-Color) APATITE Good Luster1 x AP135 Certified VVS Oval 4.01ct 9.9x8mm Natural Unheated Greenish Blue Apatite Madagaskar1 x AP131 Certified Trillion 4.47ct 11x10.7mm Natural Unheated Greenish Blue Apatite Madagaskar2 x CV300 Natural Unakite Turtle Carving 20gr1 x CV115 Happy Buddha Carving 19.88ct Natural Medium Blue Sapphire Madagascar1 x AP096 Pear Cut 1.00ct 7.7x5.7mm Natural Unheated Blue APATITE Madagaskar1 x AP099 Cushion Cut 2.67ct 8x7.8mm Natural Paraiba Neon Blue APATITE Good Luster1 x AP116 Certified Oval 3.30ct 9.4x8.2mm Natural Unheated Yellow Apatite Brazil1 x AP130 Certified VVS Octagon 11.17ct 11.85x11mm Natural Unheated Green Apatite Mali1 x CV399 Leaf Carving 1.69ct Natural Unheated Watermelon Tourmaline1 x AP109 Cushion Cut 1.42ct 7.3x5.6mm Natural Paraiba Neon Blue APATITE Brazil1 x AP007 Octagon 1.05ct 7.83x4.9mm Natural Unheated Green APATITE Madagaskar1 x AP133 Certified Oval 2.95ct 9.5x8mm Natural Unheated Greenish Blue Apatite Madagaskar1 x CV500 Leaf Carving 1.18ct Natural Unheated Purplish Pink Tourmaline1 x AP118 Cushion 1.92ct 7.7x7mm Natural Unheated Paraiba-Color Neon Blue Apatite Brazil1 x AP110 BGL Certified Oval 5.04ct 10x12mm Natural Unheated Green Apatite1 x AP098 Oval 2.44ct 9x7mm Natural Paraiba Green APATITE Brazil