March is the month for the Aquamarine Birthstone.

The name Aquamarine comes from the Latin words ‘aqua’ - Water, and ‘marina’ - Sea. Legend says that it is the treasured by mermaids and sailors would carry Aquamarine to protect them against drowning.

Believed to aid in digestion, Roman physicians would employ Aquamarine to treat overeating and reduction of body fluid retention.

It is believed that Aquamarine has the ability to reawaken the love in married couples. Roman legend also tells that it absorbs the atmosphere of young love; ‘When blessed and worn, it joins in love, and does great things.’ And is also considered an appropriate gift for a Groom to give to his bride following the consummation of their marriage.

To the Sumerians, Egyptians, and Hebrews, Aquamarine was the symbol of happiness and everlasting youth.

Place your Aquamarine under a full moon, to help restore its look and renew its energy.

This stone is accustomed to the sea and facilitates us to keep in touch with the natural history and spirits of the deep sea.

Based on the usual legend, it has its sources in the chest of the mermaid and has been a lucky stone for sailors. In fact, it is a stone for those individuals who seize holidays and take cruises.



1 x JP109 Oval Cabochon 42ct 21x35mm Natural Jasper, Africa1 x AE135 VS Octagon 2.53ct 7.5x7.3x5.7mm Natural Untreated Yellow & Purple Ametrine, Bolivia1 x EM107 Good Color Pear 0.83ct 7.5x5.2x3.6mm Natural Green Emerald, Columbia1 x LOT136 Lot 31pcs 1.0ct Tcw Round Diamond Cut 1.8mm Orangish Red Songea Sapphire1 x SC001 Cabochon 3.5ct 11.7 x7.2mm Natural Untreated Peruvian Emeraldine GEM SILICA CHRYSOCOLLA Peru1 x RS095 Oval Fancy Cabochon 3.60 Ct Natural Star Ruby Pinkish Red1 x AA131 Lot 6pcs 1.24ct VVS Round Diamond Cut 3.40mm Natural White Zircon1 x AT190 VVS Briolette Drilled Rose-Cut 12.92ct 20x13.3mm Natural Unheated Purple Amethyst Uruguay1 x JP118 Oval Cabochon 65ct 18x48mm Natural Untreated Marium Jasper1 x OP096 Oval Cabochon 3.78ct 12x10mm Natural Neon Blue Paraiba Color Opal Brazil1 x DD088 Lot 0.09ct/6pcs Round Diamond Cut 1.50mm Natural Blue Diamond1 x TZ099 Pear 0.86Ct Natural Purplish Blue Tanzanite Tanzania1 x MS011 Oval Cabochon 17.00ct 16x14mm Natural Yellow White Golden Silky MoonStone 4 Ray Star1 x AA088 Lot 30pcs/3.76ct Round 3mm Natural Tanzanite, Tanzania1 x AP119 Oval Cabochon 15.5x10.5mm 11.47ct Natural Yellowish Green Sharp Cat's Eye Apatite1 x AE108 VVS Oval Cut 5.76ct 12x10mm Natural Bi-Color AMETRINE Bolivia1 x GH199 Oval 7.07ct 12x10x6mm Natural Unheated Redish Orange Hessonite Garnet Srilanka1 x GT105 Certified Octagon 1.30ct Natural Green TSAVORITE Garnet, Tanzania1 x SC299 Pear Cabochon 7cts 20x10mm Natural Emeraldine GEM SILICA CHRYSOCOLLA Peru1 x KZ875 VVS Octagon 9.94ct 16.6x9.5x7.2mm Natural Untreated Light Yellow Kunzite, Afganistan1 x GS005 Pear Cabochon 2.53Ct 8.5x7.5mm Natural Mandarin Orange SPESSARTITE GARNET, Namibia1 x CT110 VS Pear 4.22ct 15x9.7x5.5mm Unheated Natural Medium Orangey Yellow Citrine, Brazil1 x JP103 Cabochon 36ct 39x16mm Natural Jasper, Africa1 x AA106 Lot 10pcs Round Brilliant Cut 1.5mm Natural Blue Diamond1 x PD803 VS Antique Cut No Window 2.65ct 7.9x7.6mm Unheated Natural Celery Green Peridot, Good Luster1 x CV007 15.61ct 17x13mm Flower Carving Natural Tea Green FLUORITE, Brazil1 x AA119 Lot 20pcs VVS Round Diamond Cut 2.0mm Natural White Zircon1 x AY099 Natural Red Ruby Burma 0.90ct Tcw With G Color Diamond Ring 14K Solid Gold 3.14gr1 x JP105 Round Cabochon 54ct 32mm Natural Jasper, Africa1 x GD096 Round 0.33ct 4.3x2.5mm Horesetail Signature Green Color Natural Demantoid Garnet1 x CB108 Oval Cabochon 1.52ct 6.7x6x3.8mm Natural Light Yellowish Green Cat's Eye Chrysoberyl, Madagaskar1 x AQ009 Natural Aquamarine Cat's Eye Lite yellowish Green Oval Cabochon 9.35Ct1 x SC099 Oval Cabochon 9carats 20x10mm Peruvian Emeraldine Natural Unheated Untreated GEM SILICA CHRYSOCOLLA Emerald Color1 x CC003 GLC Certified 0.81Ct 5.5x5mm Cushion Unheated Untreated Color Change SAPPHIRE1 x DD010 Untreated 0.08CT Round Diamond Cut 2.50mm Natural White DIAMOND Color D-F, High Quality1 x IO001 Unheated Heart Shape Natural Violet Blue Iolite 1.75Ct1 x GD115 Pair Round 0.65ct tcw 4.1mm Natural Green Demantoid Garnet1 x LD100 Pear Cabochon Drilled 38.27ct 28x21x11mm Natural Lodolite Gemstone1 x SL100 Round 1.61ct 7.5mm Sparkling Natural Unheated Light Orangish Pink Spinel Burma1 x AXD002 Lot 2.09tcw 2.2-3.3mm Round Cabochon Natural Green Sharp Cat's Eye ALEXANDRITE1 x GS004 Oval Cabochon 7.15Ct Natural Red Spessartine GARNET1 x JP101 Oval Cabochon 45ct 37x25mm Natural Jasper, Africa1 x GD093 Round 0.37ct 4.12x2.57mm Horesetail Signature Green Color Natural Demantoid Garnet1 x EM092 Certified Oval cabochon 1.38ct 8x5.5mm Natural Green EMERALD, Colombia Good Color1 x RG115 VVS Cabochon 14x11mm 11.42ct Natural Ametrine Bolivia1 x OP009 Heart Cabochon 6.8ct 15x13mm Natural Black Boulder Opal Australia1 x AA100 Lot 20pcs Round Facetted 2.25mm Natural Black Spinel1 x LOT186 Lot 30pcs 2.90ct Tcw Round 2.5 to 2.8mm Natural Pinkish Red Ruby, No Glass1 x QZ019 Oval Cabochon 11ct 16x12mm Natural Unheated White Brown Moss Quartz, Brazil1 x AXD099 Oval 6.3x4.4mm 0.54ct Natural Unheated Alexandrite Srilanka1 x CH110 Oval Cabochon 8.51ct 19x9X6mm Natural Green Chrome Chalcedony Australia1 x TZ107 Certified Oval 1.64ct 8x5.6mm Natural Bluish Violet TANZANITE Tanzania