Fluorite is a gemstone that is considered to be a part of the Spar family. This material is able to be separated into flakes. These gemstones are formed as a result of hydrothermal solutions that violently rise. In other words, this refers to when water and other melted minerals come together such as Calcium and Fluorine. When these formations come to the surface, they create permatites as well as faults and fissures that are filled.

This is a gemstone that comes in a wide range of colors, including blue, bright yellow, green, and clear or white color. It can also come in such colors as red, black, pink, brown, and pretty much any color known due to variations in the earth. 

Fluorite is quite a unique choice for jewelry as every stone is as unique as the area that it came from.  This is because there are subtle variations in the area, such as radiation, that causes specific imperfections in the stone.

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