Ruby Unheated Untreated

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1 x JAR100 Natural Raw Baltic Amber Bracelet Butterscotch Cognac Stretch1 x LOT306 Lot 26ct 8pcs Mix Cabochon Natural Untreated Red Star Ruby1 x CV080 Natural Green Aventurine Frog Carving 40.20Ct1 x MG106 HKD Certified VS Round 1.51ct 7mm Natural unheated Orangy Pink Morganite Brazil1 x JAR110 Natural Baltic Amber Pendant Sterling Silver 925 2.1gr1 x GT110 Round 0.58ct 5X2.7mm Natural Green Tsavorite Garnet, Tanzania1 x MG096 VS Oval 2.05ct 10x6.7mm Natural Unheated Light Peach Pink Morganite Madagaskar1 x GT098 Excellent Pear Cut 8.71 x 6.16 mm Natural Tsavorite Garnet 1.33Ct1 x JAR003 Genuine Raw and Polished Amber necklace 50 cm1 x LOT310 Lot 1.05ct tcw 50pcs Round Brilliant 1.5-1.7mm Natural Green Tsavorite Garnet, Tanzania1 x JAR116 Natural Baltic Amber Pendant Sterling Silver 9251 x MG001 Big Rare Oval 18x13mm 12.65ct Natural Unheated Untreated Morganite Pink Emerald1 x RS007 Oval Fancy Cabochon 4.65 Ct Natural Untreated Star Ruby Pinkish Red1 x LOT198 Lot 10pcs Square Princess Cut 3.91ct tcw 4mm Natural White Topaz Brazil1 x CV108 Flower Carving 8.75ct 14.5x10.5mm Natural Bluish Green FLUORITE, Brazil1 x RB004 Oval 0.58Ct 5x4.5mm Natural Unheated Untreated Top Red RUBY, Mozambique1 x MG110 Oval 1.33ct 9x6.5x3.6mm Natural Unheated Pinkish Orange Morganite Brazil1 x GT001 Natural Tsavorite Garnet Electric Green Kenya 1.26Ct1 x TP151 VS Round Concave Cut 6.35ct 11x11x7mm Natural Light Greenish Blue Topaz Brazil1 x GT009 Certified Pear 1.48ct Natural Green TSAVORITE Garnet, Tanzania1 x JAR002 Natural Golden Yellow Amber Plain Necklace 50.25ct1 x CV008 Natural Untreated Purple AMETHYST 52.77ct Grape Carving1 x LOT015 Lot 7pcs/1.12ct t.w 3-3.5mm Round Natural Unheated Untreated Fiery Pinkish Red RUBY1 x RB027 Perfect Pair 2Pcs/0.38Ct t.w Round Natural Unheated Untreated Rich Red RUBY, Mozambique1 x RS098 Oval 5.05ct 6 Rays Star Natural Magenta Red Brown RUBY Madagascar1 x LOT319 Lot 50pcs Round Brilliant 1.6mm Natural Green Tsavorite Garnet, Tanzania1 x TP158 Clean Oval 2.63ct 10x8x4mm Natural Pink Topaz Brazil1 x AR001 13Ct 13mm+ Round BALL Sphere Pair Quality Natural Blue Green AMBER Kalimantan Indonesia1 x RB002 Vs Marquise 0.47Ct 8x3.5mm Natural Unheated Untreated Fiery Intense Pinkish Red RUBY, Winza1 x SET003 Natural Tsavorite Garnet Set for Necklace