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1 x GD005 Round 0.31ct 4.1x2.5mm Horesetail Signature Green Color Natural Demantoid Garnet1 x RS195 Round Cabochon 6.30ct 10x5.25mm Unheated Untreated Natural Pinkish Red Star Ruby, India1 x RB014 Oval 0.43Ct 4.5x4mm Unheated Untreated Intense Pinkish Red RUBY, Mozambique1 x MS105 Oval Cabochon 7.25ct 14x10mm Unheated Natural Moonstone With Blue Flash India1 x GD104 Lot 4 Pcs Natural Oval Red Spark green Andradite demantoid Garnet 1.4Tcw1 x YZ791 Oval 2.63ct 10x8.2mm Natural Padparadscha Color Tourmaline, Good Luster1 x AXD003 Lot 2.08tcw Round & Oval Cabochon Natural Green Sharp Cat's Eye ALEXANDRITE1 x CS101 Oval Cabochon 41.50ct 26x35x5mm Untreated Natural Malachite Crysocolla, Africa1 x AXD007 Lot 2.8-3.3mm Round Cabochon Natural Green Sharp Cat's Eye Alexandrite 2.04Ct1 x JP118 Oval Cabochon 65ct 18x48mm Natural Untreated Marium Jasper1 x SS105 Oval Cabochon 4.90ct 10.5x8x5.5mm Natural Unheated Light Blue 6 Rays Star Sapphire, Ceylon Srilanka1 x LM116 Cabochon 19.84ct 22x18x6mm Natural Unheated Larimar, Dominican Republic1 x SC101 Cabochon 10Ct 19x5.5mm Peruvian Emeraldine GEM SILICA CHRYSOCOLLA Peru, Natural Color1 x GD095 Round 0.33ct 4.0x2.8mm Horesetail Signature Green Color Natural Demantoid Garnet1 x CB106 Oval 1.20ct 5.5x4.5x4.5mm Natural Light Yellowish Green Cat's Eye Chrysoberyl1 x CS196 Cushion Cabochon 33ct 21x32x5mm Natural Unheated Crysocolla, Africa1 x HY992 Unheated Untreated 1.54ct Oval Natural Claret Red Ruby1 x LM110 Cabochon 21.26ct 21x17x7mm Natural Unheated Larimar, Dominican Republic