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  • [LOT139] 30p Lot 2.23ct tcw Round 2.5mm Round Natural Purplish Pink Tourmaline
  • [CT115] Certified VS Octagon 8.13ct 13x10x7mm Natural Medium Orangey Yellow Citrine, Brazil
  • [DD185] Certified Oval 0.13ct 3.11x2.57x1.94 mm Natural Unheated Untreated Pink Diamond, Africa
  • [AQ117] Pear 1.70ct 9.3x6.5x5.4mm Natural Unheated Greenish Blue Aquamarine, Brazil
  • [AA101] Lot 20pcs Round Diamond Cut 3mm Natural Blue Purple Tanzanite, Tanzania
  • [SH170] Pair VVS Oval 0.74 tcw 4.4x3.6mm Heat Only Natural Yellow Sapphire, Tanzania
  • [TM166] Round 0.45ct 4.6mm Untreated Natural Pink Tourmaline, Africa
  • [CT111] VS Oval 5.61ct 13.5x8.5x7.9mm Natural Medium Orangey Yellow Citrine, Brazil
  • [SH306] Oval 0.75ct 5.9x4.9mm Heated Only Natural Purplish Pink Ceylon Sapphire
  • [SH305] VVS Oval 0.57ct 4.9x4.1mm Heat Only Natural Purple Sapphire, Ceylon Srilanka
  • [SH303] Oval 0.50ct 5.2x4.3mm Heated Only Natural Lilac Pink Sapphire, Ceylon Srilanka
  • [LOT316] Lot 1.29tcw 5pcs Round VVS Natural Purplish Red Ruby, Africa
  • [CV115] Happy Buddha Carving 15.8x15.7x8.4mm 19.88ct Natural Medium Blue Sapphire, Madagascar
  • [LOT311] Lot 2.45tcw 7pc Round Natural Heated Only White Sapphire, Ceylon
  • [JS313] 4.20ct Natural Royal Blue Sapphire Ring Size 6.5 With Natural White Topaz in Sterling Silver 3.26gr
  • [MOS115] Natural Black Diamond And 2.18ct Green Moissanite Ring Size 7US Sterling Silver 2.8gr
  • [SH316] VVS Round 0.43ct 4.2mm Heated Only Natural Blue Sapphire, Ceylon Srilanka
  • [SH133] Good Color Oval 1.29ct 7x5.2x3.6mm Natural Normal Heated Royal Blue Sapphire, Madagascar
  • [SH131] Oval Cabochon 22.54ct 16x13.7x9.3mm Natural Royal Blue Sapphire, Madagascar
  • [SP106] VS Marquise 0.90ct 8.5x4.2x2.6mm Natural Heated Only Blue Sapphire, Madagaskar
  • [GR005] Octagon 2.13ct 8x6x4mm Natural Medium Deep Slightly Purplish Red Rhodolite Garnet, Madagaskar
  • [GR003] Octagon 2.13ct 8x6x4mm Natural Medium Deep Slightly Purplish Red Rhodolite Garnet, Madagaskar
  • [RB058] Round 0.17ct 3.3x1.7mm Natural Unheated Untreated Fiery Pinkish Red Ruby, Mozambique
  • [ZN169] Oval 2.60ct 8x6.5x4.7mm Natural Gentle Heat Medium Blue Zircon, Cambodia
  • [ZN117] Good Luster Oval 2.24ct 7x5.3x3.5mm Oval Natural Gentle Heat Blue Zircon, Cambodia
  • [SL117] Very Good Color Oval 0.36ct 5.2x3.5x2.2mm Natural Vivid Red Spinel, Tanzania
  • [GR001] Oval 1.42ct 8x5.8x3.5mm Natural Purplish Red Rhodolite Garnet, Madagaskar
  • [OP170] Triangle 0.90ct 8.8x8.2x4.3mm Natural Play Of Color Crystal Opal, Ethiopia
  • [EM111] Oval 1.79ct 10.x7.8x3.4mm Natural Medium Green Emerald, Columbia
  • [EM109] Good Color Pear 1.48ct 9x6.5x4mm Natural Green Emerald, Columbia
  • [AT133] Pair 2pcs 6.25ct tcw 10mm Trillion Natural Unheated Rich Purple Amethyst, Uruguay
  • [ZN116] VVS Oval 1.74ct 6.8x5x4.6mm Natural Gentle Heat Medium Blue Zircon, Cambodia
  • [ZN115] Good Luster Round 2.05ct 6.5x4.8mm Natural Gentle Heat Medium Blue Zircon, Cambodia
  • [AQ113] Pear Facet 1.83ct 9.7x7x5mm Natural Untreated Greenish Blue Aquamarine, Brazil
  • [EM108] Good Color Pear 0.66ct 8.5x5.2x2.3mm Natural Green Emerald, Columbia
  • [OP003] Pear Facet  2.39ct 14.5x9x4.3mm Natural Play-of-Color Crystal Opal, Ethiopia
  • [EM107] Good Color Pear 0.83ct 7.5x5.2x3.6mm Natural Green Emerald, Columbia
  • [EM106] Certified Pear Cabochon 7.38ct 17x12.5x5mm Natural Green Emerald, Muzo Colombia
  • [TP533] VVS Pear Concave 3.40ct 12x7.8x5.6mm Natural Medium Light Greenish Blue Topaz, Brazil
  • [TP337] Pear Facet 3.16ct 11.5x7.5x4.7mm Natural Light Orangey Yellow Topaz, Brazil
  • [LOT310] Lot 1.05ct tcw 50pcs Round Brilliant 1.5-1.7mm Natural Green Tsavorite Garnet, Tanzania
  • [LOT315] Lot 1.77tcw 9pc Round Natural Heated Only White Sapphire, Ceylon
  • [DD189] Square Princess 0.06ct 2.2x1.4mm Natural Greenish Blue Diamond, Africa
  • [DD188] Round Brilliant 0.08ct 2.6x1.6mm Natural Fancy Blue Diamond, Africa
  • [KZ866] VS Octagon 8.11ct 14.5x9.5x6.6mm Natural Untreated Light Yellow Kunzite, Afganistan
  • [TM178] Briolette Drilled 1.51ct 7.5x5.2mm Natural Unheated Green Tourmaline, Mozambique
  • [TM175] Briolette Drilled 1.20ct 7.5x4.8mm Natural Unheated Purple Pink Tourmaline, Mozambique
  • [AQ180] Briolette Drilled 2.02ct 11.7x6.2x4.1mm Natural Untreated Light Greenish Blue Aquamarine, Brazil
  • [SP197] Oval Cabochon 2.75ct 7.6x5.6x4.7mm Natural Blue Sapphire, Burma
  • [SH308] Pear 0.43ct 5x4mm Heat Only Natural Padparadscha Sapphire, Ceylon Srilanka


Clarity : VS2

Weight : 1.51 ct

Color  :  Violet Blue

Size : 7.3 x 6.0 x 4.7 mm

Treatment : Gentle Heat

Shape : Oval Faceted

Origin : Tanzania








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