• [CT116] VS Clean Oval 10.33ct 16x12x8mm Oval Natural Medium Yellow Citrine, Brazil
  • [TP366] Heart 2.21ct 8.3x7.0x 5.7mm Natural London Blue Topaz Brazil, Good Color
  • [GS105] Round 1.30ct 5.7x4.0mm Natural Medium Reddish Orange Spessartite Garnet, Namibia
  • [TP339] Heart 4.45ct 10.8x9.0x6.1mm Natural London Blue Topaz Brazil, Good Color
  • [AQ185] Pear 4.01ct 12.7x9.0mm Natural Unheated Bluish Green Aquamarine, Brazil
  • [GT109] Oval 0.61ct 6.5x4.5x2.6mm Natural Green Tsavorite Garnet, Tanzania
  • [MG157] Oval 2.86ct 10.7x9mm Natural Unheated Light Pink Morganite, Madagaskar
  • [DD177] Round Brilliant 0.10ct 2.6x2.0mm Natural Fancy Blue Diamond, Africa
  • [LOT139] 30p Lot 2.23ct tcw Round 2.5mm Round Natural Purplish Pink Tourmaline
  • [AQ118] Cushion 2.29ct 9.2x7.8x5.4mm Natural Unheated Light Very Greenish Blue Aquamarine
  • [CT115] Certified VS Octagon 8.13ct 13x10x7mm Natural Medium Orangey Yellow Citrine, Brazil
  • [GT110] Round 0.58ct 5X2.7mm Natural Green Tsavorite Garnet, Tanzania
  • [DD185] Certified Oval 0.13ct 3.11x2.57x1.94 mm Natural Unheated Untreated Pink Diamond, Africa
  • [AQ117] Pear 1.70ct 9.3x6.5x5.4mm Natural Unheated Greenish Blue Aquamarine, Brazil
  • [AA101] Lot 20pcs Round Diamond Cut 3mm Natural Blue Purple Tanzanite, Tanzania
  • [SH170] Pair VVS Oval 0.74 tcw 4.4x3.6mm Heat Only Natural Yellow Sapphire, Tanzania
  • [TM166] Round 0.45ct 4.6mm Untreated Natural Pink Tourmaline, Africa
  • [KZ875] VVS Octagon 9.94ct 16.6x9.5x7.2mm Natural Untreated Light Yellow Kunzite, Afganistan
  • [CT111] VS Oval 5.61ct 13.5x8.5x7.9mm Natural Medium Orangey Yellow Citrine, Brazil
  • [SH306] Oval 0.75ct 5.9x4.9mm Heated Only Natural Purplish Pink Ceylon Sapphire
  • [SH305] VVS Oval 0.57ct 4.9x4.1mm Heat Only Natural Purple Sapphire, Ceylon Srilanka
  • [SH303] Oval 0.50ct 5.2x4.3mm Heated Only Natural Lilac Pink Sapphire, Ceylon Srilanka
  • [LOT316] Lot 1.29tcw 5pcs Round VVS Natural Purplish Red Ruby, Africa
  • [CV115] Happy Buddha Carving 15.8x15.7x8.4mm 19.88ct Natural Medium Blue Sapphire, Madagascar
  • [LOT311] Lot 2.45tcw 7pc Round Natural Heated Only White Sapphire, Ceylon
  • [EM197] Vs Round 3.0x2.28mm 0.12ct Natural Emerald, Colombia Good Color Good Luster
  • [CB106] Oval 1.20ct 5.5x4.5x4.5mm Natural Light Yellowish Green Cat's Eye Chrysoberyl
  • [JS313] 4.20ct Natural Royal Blue Sapphire Ring Size 6.5 With Natural White Topaz in Sterling Silver 3.26gr
  • [TZ158] Pair 0.78ct tcw Round 4.7mm Natural Violet Blue Tanzanite, Tanzania
  • [MOS115] Natural Black Diamond And 2.18ct Green Moissanite Ring Size 7US Sterling Silver 2.8gr
  • [SH316] VVS Round 0.43ct 4.2mm Heated Only Natural Blue Sapphire, Ceylon Srilanka
  • [SH133] Good Color Oval 1.29ct 7x5.2x3.6mm Natural Normal Heated Royal Blue Sapphire, Madagascar
  • [SH131] Oval Cabochon 22.54ct 16x13.7x9.3mm Natural Royal Blue Sapphire, Madagascar
  • [SP106] VS Marquise 0.90ct 8.5x4.2x2.6mm Natural Heated Only Blue Sapphire, Madagaskar
  • [GR005] Octagon 2.13ct 8x6x4mm Natural Medium Deep Slightly Purplish Red Rhodolite Garnet, Madagaskar
  • [GR003] Octagon 2.13ct 8x6x4mm Natural Medium Deep Slightly Purplish Red Rhodolite Garnet, Madagaskar
  • [RB058] Round 0.17ct 3.3x1.7mm Natural Unheated Untreated Fiery Pinkish Red Ruby, Mozambique
  • [ZN169] Oval 2.60ct 8x6.5x4.7mm Natural Gentle Heat Medium Blue Zircon, Cambodia
  • [ZN117] Good Luster Oval 2.24ct 7x5.3x3.5mm Oval Natural Gentle Heat Blue Zircon, Cambodia
  • [SL117] Very Good Color Oval 0.36ct 5.2x3.5x2.2mm Natural Vivid Red Spinel, Tanzania
  • [GR001] Oval 1.42ct 8x5.8x3.5mm Natural Purplish Red Rhodolite Garnet, Madagaskar
  • [OP170] Triangle 0.90ct 8.8x8.2x4.3mm Natural Play Of Color Crystal Opal, Ethiopia
  • [EM111] Oval 1.79ct 10.x7.8x3.4mm Natural Medium Green Emerald, Columbia
  • [EM115] 20pcs Lot 2.00ct tcw Round 2.5-3mm Natural Green Emerald, Cambodia
  • [EM109] Good Color Pear 1.48ct 9x6.5x4mm Natural Green Emerald, Columbia
  • [AT133] Pair 2pcs 6.25ct tcw 10mm Trillion Natural Unheated Rich Purple Amethyst, Uruguay
  • [ZN116] VVS Oval 1.74ct 6.8x5x4.6mm Natural Gentle Heat Medium Blue Zircon, Cambodia
  • [ZN115] Good Luster Round 2.05ct 6.5x4.8mm Natural Gentle Heat Medium Blue Zircon, Cambodia
  • [AQ113] Pear Facet 1.83ct 9.7x7x5mm Natural Untreated Greenish Blue Aquamarine, Brazil
  • [EM108] Good Color Pear 0.66ct 8.5x5.2x2.3mm Natural Green Emerald, Columbia

[LOP05] Portable 100X Pocket Jewelry Microscope Loupe Magnifier

Circuit board and printing
Coin and stamp
Home and office

Operation Instructions:
Put the specimen on a flat place
Put the microscope on the specimen, let the specimen within the visual field of ocular
Observe with ocular and adjust the focusing ring for best effect
If the light sensitivity is insufficient, turn on the power switch let the light shine on the specimen


This pocket microscope is ideal for on-the-go science.

It's 100X magnification range making it easy to examine blood samples, bugs, and anything else that's worthy of a closer look.

The microscope also includes a built-in LED light that provides a bright, clear image, along with a rubberized eyepiece for comfortable viewing. You can take the lightweight microscope along wherever you go--whether it's a school field trip or a visit to a friend's house.

Compact design provides 100X magnification can be adjustable

Illuminated by LED

Works on 3 LR927 batteries(included)

Bright LED light of the Magnifying Glass provides enough light at any dim conditions LED has currency detecting function.

This magnifier with reading function, you can measure the length of the object easily.

Focus is adjustable up to 100X



  • Condition:100% New
  • Length of Lens cylindrical: 12.3cm
  • Optical Lens Diameter: 1.4cm
  • Ocular Lens Diameter: 1.5cm
  • Weight: 48g
  • Color: silver
Package included:
  • 1 x 100X Jewelry Pocket Microscope Loupe Magnifier
  • 1 x Faux Leather Pouch
  • No Box


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