AR001 13Ct 13mm+ Round BALL Sphere Pair Quality Natural Blue Green AMBER Kalimantan Indonesia


Product may vary slightly from image representation.


Color: Honey Yellow

Size : 13.2 to 13.4 mm

Clarity :  Semi Transparent

Shape: Round Bead Not Drilled

Weight for 2 pcs : 12.5 carats

Treatment: No Treatment

Origin : Indonesia

Hardness: 6.5-7


Strong Blue Green flourescence 13mm+ Dia Ball Pair

This is a relatively new find from Indonesia, West Kalimantan.

Blue amber is rarest variety of Amber! The blue color is actually a flourescence.

This is a process whereby ultra-violet light got absorbed and re-emitted as blue or green light.  

Blue Amber of a decent size and good quality is getting very rare and command a very high market price! 

Each piece has Blue Green flourescence all over!

Photos taken with Maglite White torchlight to show the blue fluorescence color effect.

Production from this locality is very limited.  

Please note that all Blue Amber body color is either a honey brown or yellow color.

The "blue" comes from the fluorescence which is best seen when placed on a dark background under sunlight or bright white light.

The blue fluorescence will be intensified when a UV light is used.

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