JQZ001 Natural Rose Quartz 57ct 30x21mm Japanese Traditional Magatama Kamuikotan


Product may vary slightly from image representation.


Weight: 57 ct

     Color: As Picture

      100% Natural Rose Quartz

      Treatment: No Treatment

       Size: 30 x 21 x 12 mm

MAGATAMA is one of the accessories in ancient Japan.

MAGATAMA expresses the form where the sun and the moons overlapped, it is receiving the power, an evil spirit is eliminated, and it is said that a fortune is called in.

KAMUIKOTAN is a meaning of the village in which gods live in *Ainu language. It is a young noble of a Japanese genuine stone.

It has been carefully treated as a stone with which gods' power dwells from ancient times.

People who is touched off by KAMUIKOTAN, that an understanding to the mystical world deepened is increasing.

MAGATAMA made from the stone which is gods' home becomes a charm which turns down an evil spirit and causes a fortune.