CC004 Certified 0.93Ct 6x5mm Oval Natural Unheated Untreated Color Change SAPPHIRE, Madagascar


Product may vary slightly from image representation.


Clarity: SI

Weight: 0.93 Cts

Shape: Oval Faceted

Size: 4.80 x 6.0 x 3.5 mm

Color: Color Change from Pinkish purple to Orangish purple

Treatment: Unheated Untreated

Certificate: GLC Gem Lab

Origin: Madagaskar

Hardness: 9


1 x GS100 Oval Natural Orangish Red Spessartine Garnet 2.01Ct1 x KZ875 VVS Octagon 9.94ct 16.6x9.5x7.2mm Natural Untreated Light Yellow Kunzite, Afganistan1 x GS015 Good Color & Full Fire Natural Imperial Spessartite Garnet Africa 2.20Ct1 x KZ863 Clean Oval 13.17ct 14.8x12x9.8mm Natural Untreated Light Pink Kunzite, Afganistan1 x GS005 Pear Cabochon 2.53Ct 8.5x7.5mm Natural Mandarin Orange SPESSARTITE GARNET, Namibia1 x KZ855 VVS Antique Cut 9.56ct 13.3x9.6x8.5mm Natural Pink Silver Kunzite Brazil1 x CC003 GLC Certified 0.81Ct 5.5x5mm Cushion Unheated Untreated Color Change SAPPHIRE1 x CC005 Oval Color Change Green to Pinkish Red Natural Garnet 1.73ct Full Fire1 x GS093 Clean Oval 1.55ct 7.7x5.7mm Natural Unheated Spessartite Garnet Namibia1 x KZ873 VS Octagon 5.12ct 12x8x5.5mm Natural Untreated Light Yellow Kunzite, Afganistan1 x GS101 Oval 3.01ct 9x7x4.6mm Natural Unheated Red Spessartine Garnet1 x GS007 Pear 3.39Ct 9x8.5mm Natural Orangish Red SPESSARTITE GARNET1 x YZ141 Natural Fancy Color Multi Gemstones Bead Strand Rondell Facet 45ct1 x KZ861 VS Octagon 6.4ct 13x8.9x6mm Natural Light Pink Kunzite, Afganistan1 x RG098 37.49Ct Unheated Rare Color Natural Crystal Kunzite1 x GS004 Oval Cabochon 7.15Ct Natural Red Spessartine GARNET1 x CC001 Natural Color Change Pinkish Orange To Orangish Red Malaya Garnet 1.09Ct1 x KZ859 Antique Cut 3.93ct 8.5x8x6mm Natural Silver Pink Kunzite Brazil1 x GS105 Round 1.30ct 5.7x4.0mm Natural Medium Reddish Orange Spessartite Garnet, Namibia1 x GS016 Oval Cabochon 4.90ct 10x8.8mm Natural Unheated Orangish Red Spessartite Garnet Namibia1 x KZ869 Antique Cut 11mm 9.01ct Natural Unheated Kunzite Brazil1 x GS098 Natural Imperial Spessartite Garnet 2.44Ct1 x GS095 Natural Red Orange Spessartite Garnet 2.41Ct1 x GS001 Oval 2.34Ct 7.5x7mm Deep Reddish Orange Unheated Natural SPESSARTITE GARNET, Namibia1 x KZ001 Clean Antique Cut 11.80Ct 13x11x10mm Silver Pink Natural Kunzite, Brazil1 x GS103 Heart Shape 0.99ct Natural Gem Orange Spessartine Garnet Namibia1 x KZ865 Clean Oval Facet 9.02ct 13x9.7x9mm Natural Untreated Peach Kunzite, Brazil1 x GS011 Cushion 1.93ct 8x6.5mm Natural Unheated Mandarin Orange Spessartite Garnet Namibia1 x CC004 Certified 0.93Ct 6x5mm Oval Natural Unheated Untreated Color Change SAPPHIRE, Madagascar