HY238 Fancy Oval faceted D'Block AAAA Best Blue Tanzanite 1.30ct


Product may vary slightly from image representation.


Clarity: VS

Color: AAA Blue

Weight: 1.30 Carat 

Size : 8.10 x 6.00 x 4.00 mm

Treatment : Gentle Heated

Shape : Oval Faceted

Origin : Tanzania


1 x JP109 Oval Cabochon 42ct 21x35mm Natural Jasper, Africa1 x AE135 VS Octagon 2.53ct 7.5x7.3x5.7mm Natural Untreated Yellow & Purple Ametrine, Bolivia1 x EM107 Good Color Pear 0.83ct 7.5x5.2x3.6mm Natural Green Emerald, Columbia1 x LOT136 Lot 31pcs 1.0ct Tcw Round Diamond Cut 1.8mm Orangish Red Songea Sapphire1 x SC001 Cabochon 3.5ct 11.7 x7.2mm Natural Untreated Peruvian Emeraldine GEM SILICA CHRYSOCOLLA Peru1 x RS095 Oval Fancy Cabochon 3.60 Ct Natural Star Ruby Pinkish Red1 x AA131 Lot 6pcs 1.24ct VVS Round Diamond Cut 3.40mm Natural White Zircon1 x AT190 VVS Briolette Drilled Rose-Cut 12.92ct 20x13.3mm Natural Unheated Purple Amethyst Uruguay1 x JP118 Oval Cabochon 65ct 18x48mm Natural Untreated Marium Jasper1 x OP096 Oval Cabochon 3.78ct 12x10mm Natural Neon Blue Paraiba Color Opal Brazil1 x DD088 Lot 0.09ct/6pcs Round Diamond Cut 1.50mm Natural Blue Diamond1 x TZ099 Pear 0.86Ct Natural Purplish Blue Tanzanite Tanzania1 x MS011 Oval Cabochon 17.00ct 16x14mm Natural Yellow White Golden Silky MoonStone 4 Ray Star1 x AA088 Lot 30pcs/3.76ct Round 3mm Natural Tanzanite, Tanzania1 x AP119 Oval Cabochon 15.5x10.5mm 11.47ct Natural Yellowish Green Sharp Cat's Eye Apatite1 x AE108 VVS Oval Cut 5.76ct 12x10mm Natural Bi-Color AMETRINE Bolivia1 x GH199 Oval 7.07ct 12x10x6mm Natural Unheated Redish Orange Hessonite Garnet Srilanka1 x GT105 Certified Octagon 1.30ct Natural Green TSAVORITE Garnet, Tanzania1 x SC299 Pear Cabochon 7cts 20x10mm Natural Emeraldine GEM SILICA CHRYSOCOLLA Peru1 x KZ875 VVS Octagon 9.94ct 16.6x9.5x7.2mm Natural Untreated Light Yellow Kunzite, Afganistan1 x GS005 Pear Cabochon 2.53Ct 8.5x7.5mm Natural Mandarin Orange SPESSARTITE GARNET, Namibia1 x CT110 VS Pear 4.22ct 15x9.7x5.5mm Unheated Natural Medium Orangey Yellow Citrine, Brazil1 x JP103 Cabochon 36ct 39x16mm Natural Jasper, Africa1 x AA106 Lot 10pcs Round Brilliant Cut 1.5mm Natural Blue Diamond1 x PD803 VS Antique Cut No Window 2.65ct 7.9x7.6mm Unheated Natural Celery Green Peridot, Good Luster1 x CV007 15.61ct 17x13mm Flower Carving Natural Tea Green FLUORITE, Brazil1 x AA119 Lot 20pcs VVS Round Diamond Cut 2.0mm Natural White Zircon1 x AY099 Natural Red Ruby Burma 0.90ct Tcw With G Color Diamond Ring 14K Solid Gold 3.14gr1 x JP105 Round Cabochon 54ct 32mm Natural Jasper, Africa1 x GD096 Round 0.33ct 4.3x2.5mm Horesetail Signature Green Color Natural Demantoid Garnet1 x CB108 Oval Cabochon 1.52ct 6.7x6x3.8mm Natural Light Yellowish Green Cat's Eye Chrysoberyl, Madagaskar1 x AQ009 Natural Aquamarine Cat's Eye Lite yellowish Green Oval Cabochon 9.35Ct1 x SC099 Oval Cabochon 9carats 20x10mm Peruvian Emeraldine Natural Unheated Untreated GEM SILICA CHRYSOCOLLA Emerald Color1 x CC003 GLC Certified 0.81Ct 5.5x5mm Cushion Unheated Untreated Color Change SAPPHIRE1 x DD010 Untreated 0.08CT Round Diamond Cut 2.50mm Natural White DIAMOND Color D-F, High Quality1 x IO001 Unheated Heart Shape Natural Violet Blue Iolite 1.75Ct1 x GD115 Pair Round 0.65ct tcw 4.1mm Natural Green Demantoid Garnet1 x LD100 Pear Cabochon Drilled 38.27ct 28x21x11mm Natural Lodolite Gemstone1 x SL100 Round 1.61ct 7.5mm Sparkling Natural Unheated Light Orangish Pink Spinel Burma1 x AXD002 Lot 2.09tcw 2.2-3.3mm Round Cabochon Natural Green Sharp Cat's Eye ALEXANDRITE1 x GS004 Oval Cabochon 7.15Ct Natural Red Spessartine GARNET1 x JP101 Oval Cabochon 45ct 37x25mm Natural Jasper, Africa1 x GD093 Round 0.37ct 4.12x2.57mm Horesetail Signature Green Color Natural Demantoid Garnet1 x EM092 Certified Oval cabochon 1.38ct 8x5.5mm Natural Green EMERALD, Colombia Good Color1 x RG115 VVS Cabochon 14x11mm 11.42ct Natural Ametrine Bolivia1 x OP009 Heart Cabochon 6.8ct 15x13mm Natural Black Boulder Opal Australia1 x AA100 Lot 20pcs Round Facetted 2.25mm Natural Black Spinel1 x LOT186 Lot 30pcs 2.90ct Tcw Round 2.5 to 2.8mm Natural Pinkish Red Ruby, No Glass1 x QZ019 Oval Cabochon 11ct 16x12mm Natural Unheated White Brown Moss Quartz, Brazil1 x AXD099 Oval 6.3x4.4mm 0.54ct Natural Unheated Alexandrite Srilanka