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1 x TS095 VS Natural Forest Green tsavorite Garnet 2pcs 2.86Tcw1 x AQ118 Cushion 2.29ct 9.2x7.8x5.4mm Natural Unheated Light Very Greenish Blue Aquamarine1 x TS099 Unheated Top Emerald Green Tsavorite Garnet 0.96Ct1 x YZ860 Oval 12x8.6mm 3.98ct Natural Unheated Untreated Morganite Brazil1 x AP116 Certified Oval 3.30ct 9.4x8.2mm Natural Unheated Yellow Apatite Brazil1 x CB009 GIA Certified VVS Oval 6.4x5.1mm 0.95ct Natural Unheated Yellowish Green Chrysoberyl1 x DD015 GIA Certified 0.26ct Princess Diamond Cut 3.7x3.6mm 0.26ct F Color Natural Diamond1 x SP053 Oval 0.84ct 6.3x5.4mm Heat Only Natural Cornflower Blue Sapphire Ceylon Good Luster1 x CB101 GIA Certified VVS Oval 7.4x5.9mm 1.36ct Natural Unheated Yellowish Green Chrysoberyl1 x DD109 Certified Round Brilliant Cut 4.9x4.9x4mm 0.71ct Natural Fancy Black Diamond1 x AP130 Certified VVS Octagon 11.17ct 11.85x11mm Natural Unheated Green Apatite Mali1 x AT003 Certified Super Clean 20.90ct 15mm Square Natural Untreated Light Purple AMETHYST1 x AT118 Certified Oval 13.50ct 18x12x10mm VVS Natural Unheated Rich Purple Amethyst Uruguay1 x AP136 HKD Certified VVS Oval 2.60ct 9X7.6mm Natural Unheated Greenish Blue Apatite Madagaskar1 x SL098 Oval 1.12ct 6x5.5mm Natural Unheated Top Pink Spinel Tanzania1 x CB001 GHI Certified VVS Oval Unheated Untreated Natural Yellowish Green Chrysoberyl 1.87Ct1 x AT119 Certified Oval 11.41ct 17x13x8.6mm VVS Natural Unheated Rich Purple Amethyst Uruguay1 x SP107 Oval 1.77ct 7x5.8x4.5mm Natural Unheated Pinkish Purple Sapphire, Madagascar1 x AP137 Certified Oval 2.02ct 8x6.5x5mm 3.30ct Natural Unheated Yellow Apatite Brazil1 x SP094 Pear 1.46ct 7.5x6mm Unheated Untreated Bluish Green SAPPHIRE, Madagascar1 x SL119 Oval Cabochon 1.41ct 7x5.8x3.8mm Natural Unheated Blood Red Spinel, Burma1 x SP093 0.77ct Heart Shape Light Blue Unheated Ceylon Sapphire1 x CT115 Certified VS Octagon 8.13ct 13x10x7mm Natural Medium Orangey Yellow Citrine, Brazil1 x AY099 Natural Red Ruby Burma 0.90ct Tcw With G Color Diamond Ring 14K Solid Gold 3.14gr1 x JWG109 Natural Baltic Amber Necklace 48cm 23gr1 x JWG110 Natural Butterscoth Yellow Raw Amber Necklace 120cm 33gr1 x JWG106 Natural Multi Color Baltic Amber Necklace 48cm 8gr